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Two Heads of a Hydra

Rehearsed and performed by Metea Valley Theatre, NowHereThis, and UW School of Drama CabLab

Published in Issue 7 of Fleas on the Dog at

Published in Best Women's Monologues 2021 published by Smith & Kraus, coming out August 2021

Two Heads of a Hydra is a story that spans continents and centuries, featuring dual storylines in modern-day Chechnya and 1692 Salem, Massachusetts, as well as intervention from the Muses. It follows parallel Greek tragedy structures to discuss the ways that inequalities are propagated when they’re mourned and then forgotten.

75 Minutes - 9-25 Actors (Various Doublings Available)

Two Dinosaurs Under the Sun

Commissioned by Horizon Theatre and performed at the New South Young Playwrights Festival

Performed at Abby Theatre Festival at Gallery 7 Theatre

Published in Laughter is the Best Medicine: Forty-Five 5 Minute Comedic Plays in the Time of Coronavirus,

published by Smith & Kraus, coming out May 2021

Two dinosaurs prepare for the end of the world as they know it.

Then the world ends and the two of them have to decide what to do next.

5 Minutes - 2 Actors (1 M, 1 F)




Video from Horizon Theatre's New South Young Play Festival

Directed by Keith Arthur Bolden

Featuring Chris Hecke (Troo), Naima Carter Russell (Rio), and Cara Mantella (Stage Directions)

Gallery of Perspective and Light

Commissioned and performed by The Shattered Glass Project at 18th & Union

A series of interconnected vignettes that are each inspired by a piece of visual art, this play explores the way that our context and the time that we live in impacts our lives and personalities.

40 Minutes - Many characters that can be doubled for 4+ actors

407C's Puppet Theatre

Commissioned and performed by Radial Theater Project at 18th & Union

Two exes reconvene and play out some of their memories with homemade paper bag puppets. It takes place during the pandemic and is about the burden of memory when we have so much time to think.

40 Minutes - 2 Actors (any genders)

Cause for Celebration

Selected as a winner of the New South Young Playwrights Festival and read as part of the festival

What happens when a wedding party and a funeral party are double-booked.

60 Minutes - 7 Actors (5 F, 2 M)

Three Sisters - Adaptation

Written for a performed by the University of Washington School of Drama

A new adaptation of Chekhov's classic play, created in collaboration with Jeffrey Frace. This version contains phrases of original Russian dialogue as well as English language motifs that mimic his less translatable Russian voice. Visit the dramaturgy site for more information on this adaptation.

120 Minutes - 14 Actors (8 M, 6 F with room for Ensemble/Musicians)

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