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The Sisters Grimm Present: Cinderella and Everyone Else

Ages 9+

Last Cast, Flexible Genders and Size

The Sisters Grimm tell the story of Cinderella while focusing on characters that are usually ignored. This modern story truly proves that there are no small parts and features many actors in this ensemble play!


To read these plays, learn more information, or receive performance and rehearsal rights, inquire on the contact page.

The Meek SHELL Inherit the Earth

Ages 9+

A fun play about a Lobster King, Lobster General, and Seagull. There's also some stuff about world domination and environmentalism.

Two Dinosaurs Under the Sun

Ages 11+

Two Dinosaurs at the end of the world, it's pretty relatable.

House Haunters

Ages 9+

A ghost couple debates whether or not to move. They're visited by a real estate ghoul.

The Newest Sheriff in the Old West

Ages 9+

A Bartender breaks the fourth wall to welcome us to their town. The Sheriff's not doing a great job so the Outlaw comes back to run for Sheriff and they have a rock-paper-scissors duel. They're very clear about the fact that there's no drinking and no weapons.

Moon Landing

Ages 6+

Some astronauts make it to the moon and have to bring back moon rocks but the aliens' Moon Conservation Agency gets in the way and reminds them to be environmentally conscious, even in space!

Milk Delivery

Ages 13+

Some early absurdism for your students! A milkman tries to give a housewife some milk. Fun and experimental

The View

Ages 12+

Inspired by Edward Hopper's ROOM IN NEW YORK, two people remember why they care about each other. It's sweet, great for some really earnest actors.

A Short Play That's Not About Birds

Ages 9+

A Director and a Puppeteer fight over what art is.

The Not So Evil Dragon & the Not So Lovelorn Princess

Ages 9+

A Princess and a Dragon bond and become friends. Simple and sweet

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